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Speak confidently.
Speak clearly.
Speak naturally.

Sign ups for the next Speak Up course will
open in August. Classes will begin in early

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Public Speaker

Why enroll in my speaking course?

Speak Up is a 8-week course to help you improve your speaking fluency.
Classes are one hour and fifteen minutes long and held once a week.

What is included?

✔ 75-minute group lessons
Speak with Wes and your others classmates from around the world.

✔ Lesson PDFs 
Learn new vocabulary and useful phrases related to different topics each week.

✔ Lesson Preview Videos 
Easily prepare for each lesson by getting a better understanding of the material.

✔ Pronunciation Video Lessons 
Learn about difficult sounds to pronounce, minimal pairs, connected speech, and more.

✔ Resource Guides 
Discover helpful pronunciation resources and speaking strategies.

✔ Audio Lessons 
Two different audio lessons to practice connected speech

How it works (so simple)

Image by Wes Hicks


Each week, watch the Lesson Preview Video before class to get a better understanding of the speaking topic.


Watch the weekly pronunciation video lessons to help you fine-tune your skills.
Girl Using Laptop
On a Video Call


When it’s time for class, click the Zoom link in order to enter the classroom. 


Have a conversation with your teacher and classmates. Interact with others through a variety of engaging speaking activities.
Person Participating in Video Call

Who is this course for?

Speak Up is for intermediate to advanced English learners (Levels B1 - C2). The course is not suitable for beginners.

This course is for you if you would like to

• Build your speaking confidence
• Improve your listening skills
• Learn how to speak naturally
• Develop your vocabulary
• Overcome speaking anxiety
• Understand other people and cultures


Teaching English


Giuliana (Italy).jpg
Speak Up is an exceptional course because you learn while thinking and having fun.
The structure is perfect as there are different types of activities throughout the class and a wide variety of compelling topics each week.

Giuliana, Italy

Have questions about the course?
Interested in taking the course privately? 

Send me an email.

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